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LINK: A Guaranteed Basic Income Cost Calculator: Solving Poverty in America

This page contains a calculator which can be used to design a guaranteed basic income (another word for “basic income guarantee” or “negative income tax”) in the United States, using hard Census data and spending data from the Congressional Budget Office.  In its basic form, the tool only requires two inputs to calculate the costs [...]

List of established Facebook pages in European Countries

According to Stan Jourdan, this link on, List of all established Facebook pages in European Countries as on February 2014:

The Global Change Alliance: Basic living standard for all

The Global Change Alliance endorses back income at this page:

Reddit: Basic Income FAQ

This page is a wiki for the extensive basic income discussion on It is incomplete, but is editable by anyone who we haven’t banned. Reddit writes, “feel free to add useful information to this page.” The wiki include some material cut and pasted from other sources, such as Basic Income News. Reddit: Basic Income [...]

Roosevelt Institute’s Basic Income Calculator

Starting with the current U.S. Federal budget, this webpage allows people to estimate the size of a Basic Income they might want and which taxes they would raise or which programs they would replace. It is still in beta test mode, but it yields interesting results. Mike Koncza, “Beta: Universal Basic Income Calculator,” The Next [...]

Malcolm Henry, Views from the Boatshed

This blog has a lot of posts about basic income, all of which can be found at the following tag:

The Living Income Guaranteed Proposal

A website called promotes a proposal called “the Living Income Guaranteed.” Although similar to basic income, this proposal has some significant differences. According to the website, “The Living Income Guaranteed is the provision of an actual ‘Living Income’ for each eligible citizen – an income that provides a reasonable level of financial security so [...]

LINK: “Round Up: Universal Basic Income links”

This web page has a collection of links to articles and websites on basic income “Round Up: Universal Basic Income links,” A Latent Existence, November 21, 2013.

Arguments for Basic Income: Basic Income would cure most of our current economic problems.

“Arguments for Basic Income: Basic Income would cure most of our current economic problems” is a website curated by Khannea Suntzu. It’s online at:

United Kingdom: Website hopes to create new basic income party

Eric Mutch, who ran for office under the name, Corrupt B’stard, is now trying to start a national political party. The party’s website has information and editorials about basic income. The party’s website is: