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LINK: The New Zealand Universal Income Trust has a new website

The Universal Income Trust, originally set up in 1998 is a non-profit organisation ‘dedicated to the promotion of economic rights’. Their mission statement says their purpose is to ‘educate about the social, environmental, and economic benefits of universal income systems and how they would act as an integral part of any sustainable future’. Universal Income [...]

LINK: Basic Income on

A collection of basic income-related articles published on Edited by Jax Blunt. Jax Blunt, “Basic Income”, Medium

NEW LINK: Basic Income YouTube channel in Estonian.

This is the YouTube channel of the Estonian UBI Network. Estonian UBI Network YouTube Link, 2014

NEW LINK: Basic Income website

Thorne, S., Thorne, N., and Lotz, S., 2014. [website]

LINKS: Irish Organizations Supporting a Basic Income

[Josh Martin] The following organizations are leading the way for a basic income in Ireland: Social Justice Ireland and Basic Income Ireland (Sources: Social Justice Ireland and Basic Income Ireland)

LINK: Universal Basic Income as the Foundation of Freedom

[Craig Axford] P.A.P Blog, “Universal Basic Income as the Foundation of Freedom”, June 24, 2014

LINKS: At least 32 established Facebook pages on Basic Income:

There are now at least 32 established Facebook pages on Basic income. They are listed below with international pages first, continent-wide pages second, and national or regional pages three (group in alphabetical order): International: International: International: Europe: Germany/Switzerland: Belgium: Bulgaria: Croatia: Czech Republic: Denmark: Estonia: [...]

LINK: Netokratia discussion of Basic Income

The website, “Netokratia – a brand new political platform” is attempting to create a community of knowledgeable people who like discussing politics. It provides a platform with the tools to create voting and discussion threads, add new records to the database, and so on. We also encourage people to post more ambitious content. Their page [...]

LINK: Global Resource Bank

This website advocates creating a Global Resource Bank (GRB), which would own all of the Earth’s resources. Everyone would own one share in the back and would receive a credit (essentially an unconditional basic income) from the bank’s income. The creators of the website ask readers to consider the GRB as a solution to poverty [...]

Lynn Stuart Parramore: “5 Reasons to Consider a No-Strings Attached, Basic Income for All Americans”

[Craig Axford] SUMMARY: From fighting poverty to simple human dignity, this post outlines some reasons Americans should start giving a basic income guarantee some renewed consideration. Lynn Stuart Parramore, “5 Reasons to Consider a No-Strings Attached, Basic Income for All Americans”, AlterNet, March 17, 2014 This article has also been posted by Nation of Change, [...]