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Berlin, Germany: Basic income experimentalism at the micro level

[Claus Offe] Thanks to the initiatives of  29 year old Berlin-based freelancer Michael Bohmeyer, there has been a recent wave, probably unprecedented in its size, of media attention to basic income issues in German local and national media. What gathered wide attention is a project Bohmeyer started which can be seen as a remote relative [...]

Austria: Several prominent people endorse the Seventh Basic Income Week

During or around the Seventh Basic Income week, several prominent Austrians endorsed Basic Income. Singer, actor and cabaret artist Manuel Rubey, who played the leading role in the movie “Falco – Verdammt, wir leben noch!” (2007), unconditionally supports the idea of introducing basic income. Franz Adrian Wenzl, band member of KREISKY, says that unconditional basic [...]

UNITED STATES: Five Time Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader Supports a Basic Income

[Josh Martin] In this recent episode of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, 44 minutes into the show Nader answers a question from a listener on whether or not he supports a basic income.  Nader replies by stating that he does and has supported a basic income for a long time.  He then explains the bipartisan [...]

INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income Advocate Founds “The BIG Patreon Creator Pledge”

Scott Santens, advocate for basic income and moderator of the Basic Income community on Reddit, on Monday announced his intention to crowdfund his own poverty level basic income through his writing and advocacy with the use of Patreon, a Kickstarter-like site meant to enable fans of content creators to support their freely distributed works. According to [...]

ICELAND: Pirates back basic income

[F. H. Pitts] In Iceland, the Pirate Party have tabled a congressional statement calling upon the welfare minister to consider the institution of a basic income on a national level. Three of the party’s MPs have asked the minister to begin mapping ways in which such a scheme can be rolled out. They were motivated [...]

Tokyo, JP: Basic Income in Japan: Towards New Forms of Social Protection?

This book launch conference takes place on Friday October 31, 2014, at the occasion of the publication of “Basic Income in Japan. Prospects for a Radical Idea in a Transforming Welfare State“, co-edited by Yannick Vanderborght & Toru Yamamori. This collective volume provides the international audience with the very first general overview of the scholarly [...]

Yannick Vanderborght & Toru Yamamori, “Basic Income in Japan”

A new book has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan in its series “Exploring the Basic Income Guarantee.” Entitled “Basic Income in Japan. Prospects for a Radical Idea in a Transforming Welfare State“, and co-edited by Yannick Vanderborght & Toru Yamamori, this collective volume provides the international audience with the very first general overview of [...]

Finland: the opposition leader proposes basic income pilots

[Johanna Perkiö] The leader of the Centre Party of Finland, Juha Sipilä, proposed on September 10th regional basic income experiments to be run in some high­unemployment rural and urban areas. The proposal was part of the interpellation on poverty made by the Centre Party and the Left Alliance. Paavo Arhinmäki, the leader of the Left [...]

United States: Green Party Congressional Candidate Endorses BIG

Ian Schlakman, Green Party candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Second Congressional District, has made the Basic Income Guarantee a major issue in his campaign. The Green Party has included Basic Income on its platform since 2004, but most candidates have not made it such a central issue as Schlakman has. He uses the term Basic [...]

CANADA: A Guaranteed Income is the Way of the Future, Says Minister Blais.

The Quebec Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity, François Blais, has publically said that the Canadian province of Quebec would benefit from establishing a basic income. While the present provincial government has no official plans to adopt this policy, Blais maintains it is being considered, with the goal of ensuring a better redistribution of wealth. [...]