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UNITED KINGDOM: E-petition for BIG

[Toru Yamamori] Pete Higgins has opened an e-petition on “Replace the Benefit System with a Universal Basic Income for all” in HM Government. If it would collect more than 100,000 signatures until its closing date March 30, 2015, this petition could be discussed in the House of Commons. There are 233 signatures at this stage. [...]

SPAIN: Poll shows Party that endorses BIG most popular

[Toru Yamamori] Recent poll shows Podemos (We Can) is most supported party in Spain. Podemos was a newly emerged political party in January 2014 out of Indignados, the anti-austerity movement similar to the Occupy Wall Street. The party endorses BIG and got five seats in European Parliament Election in May 2014. According to the poll [...]

United Kingdom: UK Basic Income Announces Mission Statement

[Toby Rane] On September 16, during the 7th International Basic Income Week, a new UK activist group called UK Basic Income met to announce its mission statement. Basic Income Week is an event is organized by the Basic Income Earth Network and has participants from countries throughout Europe. UK Basic Income proposes a universal full [...]

RUSSIA: Snowden mentions basic income in a recent interview

In a lengthy interview with journalists from The Nation, Edward Snowden discusses the importance of finding a way to provide a basic income for people who do not have work. He links this need to increasing automation and says that automation is inevitably going to mean fewer and fewer jobs. To read the original article, [...]

BRAZIL: Brazilian government to increase the Bolsa Familia benefit by 10%

Dilma Rouseff’s government reported that the Bolsa Familia, a type of basic income given to poor families in Brazil, has increased by 44% in the last three years. The government also made plans in May, 2014 to increase the benefit by a further 10% in June 2014. The Bolsa Familia program is believed to be [...]

Fourteenth NABIG Congress, Deadline for Submissions extended to November 17, 2014

The deadline for the Fourteenth Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress has been extended to November 17, 2014. The Congress will take place in New York City starting Thursday, February 26 – Sunday March 1, 2015. The congress is organized by the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network (USBIG) in cooperation with the Basic [...]

Berlin, Germany: Basic income experimentalism at the micro level

[Claus Offe] Thanks to the initiatives of  29 year old Berlin-based freelancer Michael Bohmeyer, there has been a recent wave, probably unprecedented in its size, of media attention to basic income issues in German local and national media. What gathered wide attention is a project Bohmeyer started which can be seen as a remote relative [...]

Austria: Several prominent people endorse the Seventh Basic Income Week

During or around the Seventh Basic Income week, several prominent Austrians endorsed Basic Income. Singer, actor and cabaret artist Manuel Rubey, who played the leading role in the movie “Falco – Verdammt, wir leben noch!” (2007), unconditionally supports the idea of introducing basic income. Franz Adrian Wenzl, band member of KREISKY, says that unconditional basic [...]

UNITED STATES: Five Time Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader Supports a Basic Income

[Josh Martin] In this recent episode of the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, 44 minutes into the show Nader answers a question from a listener on whether or not he supports a basic income.  Nader replies by stating that he does and has supported a basic income for a long time.  He then explains the bipartisan [...]

INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income Advocate Founds “The BIG Patreon Creator Pledge”

Scott Santens, advocate for basic income and moderator of the Basic Income community on Reddit, on Monday announced his intention to crowdfund his own poverty level basic income through his writing and advocacy with the use of Patreon, a Kickstarter-like site meant to enable fans of content creators to support their freely distributed works. According to [...]