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Groningen, the Netherlands: Discussion of a Possible Basic Income Pilot Project

Guy Standing, honorary co-President of BIEN, visited Groningen in the last week of January 2015 to discussing with locals the possibility of launching a pilot basic income scheme around there. He does not know yet whether the project will happen, but he says, the group seems very grounded, and the man on the council in [...]

UNITED STATES: Proposal mentioning Basic Income finishes 12th among 20 policies to be seen by lawmakers

Big Ideas Project A proposal prominently mentioning Basic Income has been voted 12th out of 20 ideas as part of the Big Ideas project, run by the Progressive Change Institute. A group of over 30 US congresspeople have committed to ‘taking a serious look at the 20 big ideas that rose to the top’. The [...]

UNITED KINGDOM: Green Party’s Basic Income Proposal Scrutinized by Experts

The UK Green Party’s push for a citizen’s income has triggered a wave of critics against basic income.

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA: A Basic Income For Canada and Manitoba: Why Not?

The University of Manitoba will host a one-day symposium, entitled, “A Basic Income For Canada and Manitoba: Why Not?” The featured Speaker is Jurgen De Wispelaere, a Fellow at the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University, Montreal Canada. He is a founding editor of the journal Basic Income Studies, co-editor of three [...]

INTERNATIONAL: Co-chair of the World Economic Forum summit in Davos calls for a minimum income guarantee

Oxfam International, whose executive director, Winniw Byanyima, will co-chair the hugely influential World Economic Forum in Davos, has called for world leaders to implement a seven point plan which includes a minimum income guarantee. The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting also referred to as the Davos Summit, is a hugely influential meeting of world leaders [...]

Brooklyn, NY & online: Meeting to Discuss a Political Movement for Basic Income, March 1, 2015

Interest in Basic Income—an unconditional cash income for all citizens without means test or work requirement—is taking off around the world. Activists groups have formed and become more active around the world. Some political parties have endorsed the idea. Writers around the world are increasingly discussing Basic Income as a response to technological unemployment, precarity, [...]

UNITED KINGDOM: Basic Income group forms within Liberal Democrats party

After a pair of blog posts from Liberal Democrats councillor, Nick Barlow, a group supporting Basic Income has formed inside the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats are currently in a coalition government with the larger Conservative party. The original blog post, entitled ‘Liberal Democrats for Basic Income, anyone?‘, noted how the policy was once part [...]

UNITED STATES: Democratic Proposal Small Step in the Direction of BIG

U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen (a Democrat from Maryland) has proposed introduce a small financial transactions tax (essentially a tax on Wall Street speculators) to finance a $1000 per year tax credit, which will be added to the paychecks of all workers earning under $100,000, or working couples earning under $200,000. This proposal would come [...]

FRANCE, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND: Launch of French-language Basic Income newspaper ‘L’inconditionnel’

[Liam Upton] The new Basic Income newspaper, ‘L’inconditionnel‘ has been officially launched with two launch parties in Brussels and Paris, on the 9th and 12th of December, respectively. The newspaper, which is free of charge, was funded via French crowd-funding site where it made its goal of €12,000, enough for the first run of [...]

ONLINE: Efforts to get Basic Income in front of lawmakers

[Liam Upton] In recent months, there have been two online efforts to get the idea of Basic Income in front of lawmakers, both in the USA and the UK. The first one is an e-petition, launched in October by UK Independent politician Pete Higgens, which was reported on previously by BINews. After a slow start, [...]