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CYPRUS: Significant step toward a Basic Income Guarantee

The national parliament of Cyprus has introduced a policy with a name that translates as “guaranteed minimum income” or “minimum guaranteed income.” The name sounds like a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG). It is not, but it appears to be a significant step in that direction. The law was enacted 10 July 2014, and the first [...]

INTERNATIONAL: Article in Support of Unconditional Basic Income Makes Medium’s Top 100

Scott Santens’ article, “Why Should We Support the Idea of an Unconditional Basic Income?” published on Medium in June achieved the distinction in July of making the Medium Top 100 – a collection of the most-read of all stories each month. Medium is a social journalism platform created by co-founders of Twitter, Evan Williams and [...]

NEW ZEALAND: New Organization Promotes Basic Income Through Digital Currency

The organization’s “About” section: “Citizens Online Income New Zealand (COINZ) is a Christchurch-based charitable organization promoting the use of digital currency to alleviate inequality. Two programs we have initiated are the World Citizen Fund, which distributes Bitcoins, and the Kiwicoin program, a digital currency pegged to the NZ dollar and used for basic income.” COINZ homepage [...]

QUEBEC, CANADA: Minister of Employment for the provincial government reiterates his support for basic income

In a an interview with the daily newspaper Le Devoir (30 June 2014), François Blais – who was appointed Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity after the April 2014 General Election in Quebec – cautiously reiterates his support for basic income. As BIEN was holding its international conference in Montreal, Blais stressed the fact that [...]

UNITED STATES: MoveOn Petition Created for an American Basic Income Guarantee

[Josh Martin] A new petition has been started on to establish a basic income guarantee for all Americans, similar to what is being proposed in Switzerland.  To view and sign this petition, follow this link.

INTERNATIONAL: Press React to BIEN Congress in Montreal

[Josh Martin] The 2014 BIEN International Congress took place in Montreal at McGill University from June 27 to June 29.  Among the hundreds of attendees were academics from a variety of disciplines—economics, social work, development studies, philosophy, and many others—as well as community activists, politicians, and others simply interested in the idea of a basic [...]

CANADA: UBI Supporter Kari Polanyi Levitt Becomes Member of the Order of Canada

[Josh Martin] Kari Polanyi Levitt, Emerita Professor of Economics at McGill University in Montreal and an active colleague of the Basic Income Earth Network, has received the honor of becoming a Member of the Order of Canada. Her citation reads as follows: “For her contributions to the establishment of international development studies as an interdisciplinary [...]

UNITED STATES: Candidate for the Socialist Party Nomination for President makes Basic Income a central issue in his campaign

Dean Capone, an active member of the Socialist Party of the United States of America, has announced his intention to seek the Party’s nomination for President of the United States with the intention of making Basic Income a major issue in his platform. Capone told BI News, “The Basic Income Guarantee is a crux of [...]

INTERNATIONAL: Youth Activist Movement for Basic Income Forms at BIEN Congress

A new group, called Basic Income Generation (BIG), formed at the 2014 BIEN Congress in Montreal. Although the group began as a youth movement, Basic Income Generation is a Basic Income activist collective with open-ended membership (without age, occupational, or locational restriction). Basic Income Generation aims to facilitate the direct support of BIEN to movements [...]

UNITED STATES: Call to Action for Citizens to Write to Congress Supporting a Basic Income

[Josh Martin] The moderator of the Basic Income page on Reddit, under the username 2noame, has called on all Americans to write to their representatives in Congress encouraging them to consider supporting a universal basic income.  He also includes an available template he constructed that others can use. Here is the template: “Dear Senator Last Name, [...]