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INTERNATIONAL: Call for papers for a special issue on the Basic Income Guarantee

The Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare—a peer-reviewed, academic research journal—will have a special issue on the Basic Income Guarantee to be published in 2016. Manuscripts submitted by September 30, 2015 will be considered. The editors released the following call for papers: The financial crisis of 2007-2008 and its recessionary aftermath have, once again, raised [...]

INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income makes unprecedented political progress

The momentum behind Basic Income has been gaining ground for some time now, with more and more media attention including articles in publications such as The Economist and the Washington Post and a community on reddit that just passed 20,000 subscribers and is still growing. That’s not to mention the huge amount of signatures collected [...]

UNITED STATES: Fundraiser Started for Film on the Basic Income

[Josh Martin] Film production group Tree Media are trying to raise $675,000 for the production of a movie on the basic income they are titling Total Freedom.  On their page on Indie Go Go, they outline reasons for creating a film on the basic income and cite many major thinkers who have supported the policy [...]

ESTONIA: First TV broadcast ever in Estonia dedicated to UBI

Estonian municipal TV station, Tallinn TV, has broadcasted in the past 7th of October, for the first time ever, a discussion about the universal basic income in its 25-minute program “Mõtleme taas” (“Let’s think again!”). Tallinn TV, Program “Mõtleme taas [Let's think again]“, Tallinn TV, October 7 2014

UNITED STATES: Vox’s Dylan Matthews Extensively Writes on the Basic Income

[Josh Martin] Dylan Matthews, contributor to Vox and formerly to The Washington Post, has written a series of well-researched posts on the universal basic income.  Since December 2012, Matthews’s posts have frequently been on Basic Income News. Matthews was included in Politics Daily’s “five rising stars under 25” and started his own politics blog, MiniPundit, [...]

UNITED STATES: Alanna Hartzok, running on a platform including support for Basic Income, receives 37 percent of the vote in Congressional Race

Alanna Hartzok, a long-time support of Basic Income, received 37% of the vote in the Congressional election for 9th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. She received the Democratic Party nomination for Congress earlier this year, and finished second in voting to the Republican incumbent, Bill Shuster. Hartzok is Founder and Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute and author [...]

SPAIN: Podemos leave Basic Income out of landmark economic document

Podemos, the Spanish party which stormed into first place in recent opinion polls and who previously declared support for a Universal Basic Income, have left the propsal out of a recent document outlining their economic plans. The party, which only launched earlier this year, gained prominence with a number of radical proposals including reducing the [...]

NAMIBIA: Poll Finds 78% of Namibians Support the Basic Income Grant

Nearly 8 out of 10 Namibians (78%) favor a Basic Income Grant (BIG—as unconditional basic income is known in the region) for every Namibian citizen according to a recent poll. This result is probably the highest level of support for Basic Income recorded in any representative poll in any country. Most respondents still favored BIG [...]

UNITED KINGDOM: E-petition for BIG

[Toru Yamamori] Pete Higgins has opened an e-petition on “Replace the Benefit System with a Universal Basic Income for all” in HM Government. If it would collect more than 100,000 signatures until its closing date March 30, 2015, this petition could be discussed in the House of Commons. There are 233 signatures at this stage. [...]

SPAIN: Poll shows Party that endorses BIG most popular

[Toru Yamamori] Recent poll shows Podemos (We Can) is most supported party in Spain. Podemos was a newly emerged political party in January 2014 out of Indignados, the anti-austerity movement similar to the Occupy Wall Street. The party endorses BIG and got five seats in European Parliament Election in May 2014. According to the poll [...]