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INTERNATIONAL: 7th International Basic Income Week, across Europe, September 15-21

This year’s International Basic Income Week is scheduled to run from September 15–21, 2014. Preparations are already under way in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The organizers invite all basic income initiatives and activists to spread the efforts within Europe and beyond. In 2008 basic income initiatives from German speaking countries initiated the [...]

MONTREAL: Worldwide Basic Income Congress gets underway at McGill University, June 26-29

The Basic Income Earth Network’s (BIEN’s) 15th International Congress gets underway today, June 26, 2014 with the pre-conference day dedicated to the 13th Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress

MONTREAL, CANADA: Early Registration Deadline Approaches for BIEN Congress

The early registration rate for the BIEN Congress in Montreal ends on May 31. After this time (i.e. beginning June 1), late registration takes effect and registration fees will increase. Organizers remind participants to register at The 15th International BIEN Congress will take place at McGill University on June 27-29, 2014 with a pre-congress [...]

Paris, France: Conference on negative income tax

On May 28th, 2014, the liberal think tank “Generation Libre” (Free Generation) organizes a conference on its proposed negative income tax (called “Revenu de liberté”, or Freedom Income). The conference will focus on a study by Marc de Basquiat and Gaspard Koenig. The authors will discuss with Lionel Stoleru, who proposed a similar scheme in [...]

COULOUNIEIX-CHAMIERS, FRANCE: Basic Income Summer University, 21st-23rd August 2014

[F. H. Pitts] Hosted by the Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base, this inaugural summer university on the basic income will take place in the idyllic surroundings of the French countryside. Invited speakers include Loic Wacquant, David Graeber, Bernard Steigler and Yann Moulier Boutang. Entry to the event is free, with accommodation and meals available [...]

Dublin, Ireland: Basic Income Ireland Summer Forum 2014

On 7 June 2014, Basic Income Ireland organizes its “Summer Forum 2014″. Yannick Vanderborght (Saint-Louis University Brussels & Louvain University), will speak on transnational cooperation in the campaign for basic income and on recent developments in the theory and politics of basic income. His presentation will be followed by a participatory discussion. For further information [...]

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: Public lecture, “UBI, Health, and Degrowth”

Werner Rätz, of Attac Germany’s working group enough for all, gave a lecture on 10 April in Brussels entitled, “UBI, Health, Degrowth.” According to Ratz, although the subjects of health and degrowth are closely linked to UBI, the UBI-movement has paid low attention to them up to now.

Citizen’s Income: a solid foundation for tomorrow’s Society?

Friday 6th June 2014, 10.00 – 17.00, British Library Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom. The British library will host this one-day conference in association with the Citizen’s Income Trust. The conference aims to explore, analyze and debate the potential social, economic and labour market advantages of a having a Citizen’s Income in the UK. A [...]

Room for Discussion presents: The universal basic income – treat or threat?

On Wednesday the 9th of April, Room for Discussion fostered an economic debate on basic income with Guy Standing—a British professor in Development Studies at SOAS (University of London) and one of the founders of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) advocating  a European petition on basic income. Who: Guy Standing What: A Universal Basic [...]

CYBERSPACE EVENT: Hughes, Brain @ Robots, unemployment, and basic income

This London Futurists Hangout On Air assembles an international panel of writers who have important things to say on the subject of the future of work: James Hughes, Martin Ford, Gary Marchant, and Marshall Brain. The panellists will be debating: Are contemporary predictions of technological unemployment just repeating short-sighted worries from the 19th century “Luddites”? [...]

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