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Charlie Joslin, “Basic Income, Twitter, and Cake”

[Josh Martin] In this blog post, Joslin gives an overview of some of the major arguments for a basic income.  He also manages to compare it to Twitter and utilizes a metaphor comparing a basic income with having a cake and icing it yourself. Charlie Joslin, “Basic Income, Twitter, and Cake”, Medium, 30 November 2013.

Anne Ryan, “Cultivating sustainable and ethical prosperity with basic income”

Introduction: “This paper examines the role of basic income in constructing a dynamic, diverse and democratic social economy. ‘Basic income’ or BI is shorthand for a regular, sufficient and unconditional income, administered by the state and issued to every member of society. BI replaces social welfare payments, child benefit and the state pension as we [...]

Elliot Sperber, “Preconditions for an Actually Democratic Society”

[Josh Martin] In this post, Sperber discusses the issues in democracy in the US and how the US does not fully constitute a democracy.  After a discussion of the issues regarding democracy in the US, Sperber proposes a basic income law as a pathway to a more democratic society. Elliot Sperber, “Preconditions for an Actually [...]

Gaura Rader, “Imagine a World Without Poverty”

[Josh Martin] Rader calls upon the reader’s imagination in his introduction, to imagine a world where children are not forced into work, where there is no poverty.  He believes this world is attainable if a basic income is established, and he calls the reader to action in supporting such a policy. Gaura Rader, “Imagine a [...]

Scott Santens, “解決本世紀經濟問題的根本方法:每人每月發三萬台幣?[Why Should We Support the Idea of an Unconditional Basic Income?]”

Scott Santens’ article, “Why Should We Support the Idea of an Unconditional Basic Income?” originally published on Medium has now been translated into Chinese and posted onto BuzzOrange – a news and media aggregation site akin to a Taiwanese BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post – by site contributor, “Ann”. The Chinese language version can be [...]

Nanna Kildal, “Hvorfor snakker vi ikke om borgerlønn? [Why dont we talk about Citizen Wage?].”

SUMMARY: This article argues for a citizens’ wages to all income without any obligation, saying such a scheme would go a long way in fighting poverty, and asking why are there no politicians who talk about it. The author presents the idea in general, and asks whether we can afford it, writing about poverty traps [...]

Katarzyna Gajewska, “Technological Unemployment but Still a Lot of Work: Towards Prosumerist Services of General Interest”

Abstract: “This article explores the impact of both technological unemployment and a basic income on the provision of services of general interest. A basic income may promote the restructuring of production into postcapitalist forms and projects involving peer production. This change, as well as technological unemployment, will result in lower state and market capacities to [...]

Peter Moore, “Poll Results: Guaranteed Jobs and Income”

[Josh Martin] YouGov and the Huffington Post conducted a survey of 1000 US adults in early January of this year.  Here is the question they asked about a basic income: Would you favor or oppose expanding Social Security to every American, regardless of age, to guarantee a basic income to every American? Strongly favor . [...]

Stuart Weir, “Basic Income: transforming lives in rural India”

[Josh Martin] Weir writes extensively on the basic income case study in Madhya Pradesh, India, which was led by Professor Guy Standing of SOAS in London.  Weir covers how the project was set up as well as the major findings of the case study.  In conclusion, Weir weighs the prospects for the basic income in [...]

Zacqary Adam Xeper, “You Can Only Be Against Basic Income Based On Morals, Not Evidence.”

SUMMARY: The author draws on evidence from pilot projects and other sources to argue, “There are all sorts of arguments against an unconditional, universal basic income — that is, the idea of giving everyone a minimum income regardless of whether they work, whether they’re disabled, or whether they’re poor. The problem with these arguments is [...]

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