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Bernard Marszalek, “Why Labor Day Needs Retooling.”

SUMMARY: This article connects its arguments about labor with basic income, concluding, “[I]f the ultimate goal is liberation from poverty, that will only occur when we abandon the delusional quest for full employment for a system where income is separated from work.” Bernard Marszalek, editor of The Right to be Lazy (AK PRESS), can be [...]

Gabrielle Goodrow, “There Is Enough! Stopping the Cycle of Ignorance with LIG”

[Craig Axford] The notion that there is not enough to go around is a common theme these days.  However, this author argues there is plenty to go around and a living income guarantee is possible. Gabrielle Goodrow, “There is Enough! Stopping the Cycle of Ignorance with LIG”,  Living Income Guaranteed, May 28, 2014

Elliot Sperber, “The Alienable, the Inalienable, and an actually Democratic Society”

[Craig Axford] Presented on July 27, 2014, at the 15th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network, this paper considers the tension within democratic societies between inalienable rights that can’t be sold and the sale of alienable commodities upon which the economies of modern capitalist societies depend. Elliot Sperber, “The Alienable, the Inalienable, and [...]

Ed Dolan, “A Universal Basic Income and Work Incentives”

[Craig Axford] In this two part series Ed Dolan takes a look at the impact a basic income guarantee would likely have upon the incentive to work.  In part 1 Dolan considers the theory behind an income guarantee and its impact on work.  In his second post he considers some of the available evidence. Ed [...]

Toni Pickard, “Thinking BIG about welfare, inequality.”

Toni Pickard, “Thinking BIG about welfare, inequality.” Ottawa Citizen, August 15, 2014

David Evans, “Do the Poor Waste Transfers on Booze and Cigarettes? No”

[Josh Martin] In this blog Evans tackles the age-old assumption that giving cash to the poor would result in an uptick in alcohol and tobacco consumption.  Evans cites 19 studies and comes to the conclusion that cash transfer programs (both conditional and unconditional) do not lead to significant increases in alcohol and tobacco consumption. David [...]

Larry Elliot, “Would a citizen’s income be better than our benefits system?”

[Josh Martin] In this opinion piece Elliot discusses the complexity of the United Kingdom’s benefits system as well as the confusing state of the economy and labor market.  Elliot claims that one possible way to cut through the complexity and confusion is to reform the benefits system into a basic income. Larry Elliot, “Would a [...]

Gaura Rader, “Basic Income vs. Negative Income Tax: Why supporters of basic income should be in favor of a negative income tax”

[Josh Martin] In Rader’s latest post on the basic income, he discuesses the two policies broadly referred to as basic income guarantees: the universal basic income (UBI) and the negative income tax (NIT).  Rader admits to preferring a UBI, but in this post calls on UBI supporters to also support an NIT because of its [...]

Siraj Ravel, “A Cryptocurrency for a Global Basic Income”

Siraj Ravel, “A Cryptocurrency for a Global Basic Income” Svbtl. July 14, 2014.

Jesse Spafford, “Reconciling Basic Income and Immigration”

Spafford tackles a largely untouched question in basic income studies: How will a basic income change immigration patterns?  Spafford believes that a basic income will lead to a significant influx of new immigrants and thus the country will likely have to implement tougher immigration laws.  Looking at Europe, those countries with large welfare states often [...]

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