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Najma Sadeque, “Profits to every citizen.”

SUMMARY: Najma Sadeque argues that Pakistan should introduce a dividend based on the Alaska model. Sadeque is a former journalist and currently director of The Green Economic Initiative at Shirkat Gah, a rights and advocacy group. Najma Sadeque, “Profits to every citizen.” The Nation [Pakistan], April 09, 2014

Tanja Milevska, “Van Parijs: An unconditional basic income in Europe will help end the crisis [Interview].”

SUMMARY: Philippe Van Parijs is a Belgian philosopher and professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL). He talked to EurActiv’s Tanja Milevska. In this interview given after the conference on the “Unconditional Basic Income” (UBI) organised in the European Economic and Social Committee, Van Parijs argued that the EU should put in place such [...]

Apprehending Postscarcity, “Where Do We Go From Here? Martin Luther King Jr. on Basic Income”

Apprehending Postcarcity, “Where Do We Go From Here? Martin Luther King Jr. on Basic Income”, Apprehending Postscarcity, 3rd October 2011

Tanja Milevska, “EU ‘has the power’ to put in place a universal basic income.”

SUMMARY: This article gives an extended report on the April 10 conference, dedicated to the Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) in Europe and on the movement for UBI connected with the conference. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) hosted the conference, which gathered well-known writers, philosophers and activists to reflect on the possibilities to introduce [...]

Jax Blunt, “Basic income- the case against it”

Jax Blunt, “Basic income- the case against it”, Making it Up [], 7th March 2014

David Jenkins, “Citizen’s Income: Potential Ways Forward”

David Jenkins, “Citizen’s Income: Potential Ways Forward”, Basic Income UK: Towards an Emancipatory Welfare 6th March 2014

Véronique de Rugy, “What’s the welfare initiative uniting liberals and conservatives?”

[Jason Murphy] SUMMARY: The PBS NewHour’s “Making Sen$e” column gives us more from their interview with Libertarian-leaning economist Veronique de Rugy. Excerpts were found in the PBS video we posted earlier. The editor notes that de Rugy “doesn’t sound that different from Graeber”. Véronique de Rugy, “What’s the welfare initiative uniting liberals and conservatives?” PBS [...]

Paul Solman, “Why America’s favorite anarchist thinks most American workers are slaves [interview of David Graeber].”

Following up to their 9-minute story on basic income, the PBS News Hour (United States) has published a text interview with David Graeber on the topic of basic income. Graeber, a professor of anthropology and the London School of Economics, is a leader of the Occupy Movement, and he has recently become an outspoken advocate [...]

Felix Oberholzer-Gee, “Will a guaranteed income ever come to America?”

[Ginny Holbert] SUMMARY: In a follow up to their video, PBS Reports, the Swiss native and Harvard Business School professor suggests that Europeans and Americans have differing beliefs about the causes of rising income inequality. Because Europeans are more likely to believe that wealth is attributable to luck and inheritance, they are more likely to [...]

Megan McArdle, “How a basic income in the U.S. could increase global poverty.”

SUMMARY: interviewee, conservative blogger Megan McArdle, argues against the Basic Income Guarantee, saying that it couldn’t replace the existing social welfare system, as some of her fellow conservatives suggest. Instead, she says it would end up doubling the federal budget. And at the same time, because the U.S. would have to halt immigration from poorer [...]

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