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TAMPERE (Finland), May 16th-17th, 2011: University of Tampere international workshop on “Universal Basic Income as a European Alternative”

This day-long workshop discussed issues such as the “Philosophical Foundations of Justice and Basic Income,” “UBI in the Context of National Social Security and Employment Systems,” “Economics and Labour Market Effects of UBI,” and “Policy Proposals on UBI.” Participants included a wide variety of researchers from around Europe. Johanna Perkiö organized the conference as the kick-start of a major research project that will go on for the next year. The project will study basic income in 3 to 5 European-Union countries, examining how basic income could be accommodated in different types of social security and employment systems, what would be the institutional and cultural conditions, and what are the potential labour market effects. A more far-reaching goal of the study is to provide information on what kind of a basic income system could be feasible in the European Union, on how it could be (institutionally) implemented and on what its (cultural and economical) effects would be.

The program with abstracts of the presentations can be downloaded online at:

The full presentations, papers and PowerPoint slides, are online at:


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